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Kork Glass Double Magnum

Kork Glass Double Magnum

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Kork Double Magnum is the ideal choice for those who want the optimal blend of diffusion and volume. The Kork Double Magnum is simple yet elegent and created with only the highest quality of borosilicate materials that are built to last.

The Kork Double Magnum offers a dual percolation system with a Gridded Stemline Percolator to a Gridded Circ Percolator that will enhance your smoking experience. Gridded designs offer higher points of diffusion which in return will make smoke cooler and smoother.

Includes: Cork Coaster, Cork Stopper, and 14mm Male Slide

Product Specifications
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Percolation: Gridded Stemline - Gridded Circ
  • Tubing: 60mm x 5mm
  • Height: 13"
  • Base: 4"
  • Made in California.
    Kork Glass